Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Yep - 2 years have come and gone. It is so hard to even try and remember what we were facing 2 years ago today. Everything was so new and scary. So much has happened it these past 2 years since John was diagnosed with cancer. We have faced many battles together, made many hard decisions, cried many tears, prayed many tears, lost a ton of sleep, but been blessed it ways I never imagined. It has been the hardest 2 years ever. We have learned a lot and continue to learn every day. Every stage of this has been a process. And every stage has been hard in different ways. We are now adjusting back to a somewhat "normal" life. John is getting use to his work schedule and we are getting use to him working. Kids are getting use to school and all that busyness. My biggest complaint is how busy John is. One year ago, I had no idea that this would be my complaint. I was probably praying for this :) Life is pretty good and I am so grateful for that.


Yay for another light the night. John was able to reach his fundraising goal of $3000. He is very excited about that. Especially since we aren't sure how involved we will be nest year. John works for "Be the Match" and although Be the Match and LLS are both working to find a cure for blood cancers, they are competitors when it comes to fundraising. Since they both fundraise for research. So, he kind of can't work for one and personally fundraise for another! But, we are working on figuring that one out. We still love LLS and all they do and all they have done for us. So, we had a fun night, kids played and we invited our friends the Moores to come so our kids would have friends. It was a great night. And I believe John was the 2nd or 3rd highest fundraiser in SLC!

Our team, with friends and family.

John with 2 of his favorite nurses - Ashley and Alyssa!

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